Borders™ Custom Racking

Premium Custom wine racks can be made into any shape and size to suit your needs.

We can use our Borders™ Premium furniture finished hardwood or our Borders™ Budget Wood Pine wood range to create your ideal wine rack.  Bottles will rest fully supported in their own individual hardwood timber pockets secured in a quality (black) powder coated steel framework with The Wine Rack Shop's patented "Dimple" technology creating the essential interference fit. In this way the framework is retained within the corresponding slots and are inhibited from working loose over time.


We will build to measure almost any size or configuration of racking. Send us the dimensions of your space so we can work these out for you or use the Sizing your rack link below if you would prefer to do it yourself. Standard pocket size is the traditional 9.5 cm  x  9.5 cm  x  23.5 cm deep. 

Customising can include:  

  • Corner pockets
  • 30 cm full bottle depth pockets
  • 60 cm deep pockets for double depth or double sided racking
  • inclined bottle displays
  • Tiered racking

Racking will be delivered ready for immediate use or installation. For  in-transit security and easier handling and installation, racks larger than a nominal 100 pockets in size will be delivered in managable sized modules. The size of these can be customised for easier access into difficult sites. Parts to securely join the modules, to hide joint lines or to secure the racking to a wall are included in all deliveries

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