Want to maximise your wine storage potential?

The Wine Rack Shop Team can help you!

Premium Custom wine racks can be made into any shape and size to suit your needs.

We will build to measure almost any size or configuration of racking.



Why us?

The Wine Rack Shop's patented "Dimple" technology was designed to lock the metal into the wood creating a more secure fit.   

In this way, the framework is retained within the corresponding slots and are inhibited from working loose over time.


Step 1: Measure

Send us the dimensions of your space so we can work these out for you or use the Sizing your rack table below if you would prefer to do it yourself.




 Standard pocket size is the traditional 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 23.5 cm deep.

Step 2: Choose Your Finish

We can use our Borders™ Premium furniture finished hardwood or our Borders™ Budget Wood Pinewood range to create your ideal wine rack. Our racks come in a range of finishes. Natural, Black Onyx, Mahogany, Honey Maple and White. 



 (Picture of Wood Samples)



Step 3: Assembled or DIY?


Custom Racking is available in both pre-assembled and unassembled provided in a DIY Kit.

Assembly can become tricky depending on the size of your rack. A flat surface and rubber mallet are required as well as patience and time. (we recommend enjoying a glass of your favorite wine)
We supply a set of easy to follow assembly instructions as well as a youtube video to help you along. 
(Both can be found here ______) 

However, we can also provide the wine rack already assembled so all you need to do is fill with your wine and be finished. Entirely up to you. 





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