CellarStak™ DIY - Custom Rack

For the design, manufacture and installation of large custom built wine racking.

Pockets are 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 24 cm long. Use the Sizing your rack link to work out the number of pockets your available space can accommodate and the overall dimensions of the rack. 

Pockets can be purchased in increments of 10.

  • 200-490 pockets @ $2.56 per pocket
  • 500-990 pockets @ $2.44 per pocket
  • 1000-1490 pockets @ $2.31 per pocket
  • 1500-1990 pockets @ $2.20 per pocket
  • 2000+ pockets @ $2.09 per pocket

Our experienced design team will help you build the perfect wine rack for your home or business. Please contact us at the CellarStak Enquires link below for any questions or orders.

Optional Extras
Feet can be added across the bottom of the rack if you prefer the bottom row of bottles to not be in contact with the floor.
Top Plates can be fitted to the top row of pockets for aesthetics if the top surface of the rack is below eye level.
Wall Brackets can be added to secure your wine rack to the wall.


More Information Sizing your rack CellarStak EnquiresAssembly Video         


Optional Extras