Do you have a dedicated customer support service?

All queries can be referred direct to our HELP desk by clicking on the EMAIL US NOW area at the bottom of every page or by phoning  1300 781 331. Answers to common questions are also available from this FAQ list.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed using our on-line shopping cart or by phone to our Help desk at 1300 781 331

Do I need to register or have an account to place an order?

Most customers do not need to register or set up an account.  We will however establish accounts for contractors who are regular buyers of our product.  Request  details.

Do prices include GST?

All prices listed in our e-shop include GST

How do we make payment?

Our on-line ordering system offers the choice of paying by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal or by making payment direct into our bank account*.  Visa and MasterCard payments are processed through the secure e-Way commercial gateway.

 Payment for phone orders can be charged to your Visa or MasterCard or can be paid direct into our bank account*. Our operators do not keep records of credit card details once payment has been confirmed

*Commonwealth bank account 10166003, BSB 065112

How do you deliver and how much does it cost?

Most deliveries are made by BORDER EXPRESS.  Small items may be delivered in Australia Post.

Delivery charges are based on your Post Code. The cost of delivery can be estimated at the time you place an item in the shopping cart. .

An exception is orders for Borders custom assembled product orders. These require you to contact us for custom charges.

Can I track my delivery?

Star Track tracking information is e-mailed to the customer on dispatch of their order.

Do you deliver to remote areas?

We can and do deliver to remote areas but with the delivery point often being your nearest BORDER EXPRESS depot

Can we collect direct from you?

All orders can be collected from our factory/warehouse in Kilburn, South Australia, any working week day between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm.

How long does despatch and delivery take?

Most products are available ex-stock from our factory/warehouse in Kilburn, South Australia, and will be delivered within 5 – 10 working days of payment (except for Borders custom racking that will be 10 to 14 working days).

Do you deliver to Australia Post PO boxes?

Yes (except for large racks and some assembled racking).

What happens if no one is available to accept my order at the delivery point?

Your order will be left as close as practical for the driver to your “front door” or to any readily accessible to the driver location near to it that can be nominated with your order.

Can I nominate a back-up delivery address?

No. Delivery instructions can only be to one delivery address.

Do you deliver outside of Australia?

Yes. Contact us for delivery charges!



The opinions expressed herein are the personal opinions of the management of The Wine Rack Shop. They are based on our experience but are not to be construed as expert advice and are put forward on an “all care, no responsibility” basis.  

Which is the ‘best’ wine racking system?

The most important qualities of a serious wine racking system are that it be easy to use and that it provides the most secure protection against bottle breakage.  Full pocket style wine racking is widely accepted as the most commonly available concept that satisfies these requirements. Pockets allow the base of the bottle to be rested in its entrance and then be easily slid into it without risk of coming into contact with any other bottles in the rack or dropping down onto the bottle below and causing breakages. These attributes become of increasing importance when loading and unloading pockets that are located above and below eye level and it is difficult to visually see into the pocket.

The CellarStak and Borders systems are full pocket systems as is the Classic wine rack.

What are the differences between the CellarStak and Borders wine racking systems?

Both are top of the range easy to use full pocket style systems offering maximum bottle protection.

CellarStak is the now very well established modern system of strong and durable “plastic” construction. Borders is of traditional timber and steel strapping construction.  

CellarStak is primarily a DIY system while Borders is best purchased as an assembled product

CellarStak can be DIY assembled to match almost any size and configuration requirements. Borders must be custom assembled at the factory to satisfy your size and configuration requirements and its configuration potential is comparatively limited.

CellarStak pockets are larger than those in a Borders rack. This means that CellarStak accepts a wider range of bottles while Borders offers the ability to store approximately 10% more bottles in a rack of the same overall size.

CellarStak is lighter in weight but comparatively as strong, in fact, arguably stronger.

Which of your wine racking systems are the easiest to assemble?

EziRak is unquestionably the easiest to assemble (and dis-assemble). It can be done with little instruction and without the need for tools. Customer complaints are rare. Its’ module by module assembly technique allows it to be assembled in almost any configuration at the immediate installation area (very useful when assembling racks to tailor fit under stairs etc). Recommended maximum rack height is to eye level, above which pocket style racking is safer for bottle handling.

CellarStak assembly is comfortably within the capabilities of most people. A rubber mallet is required.  Detailed instruction is included in every pack. Racks are assembled as fully integrated structures and can be assembled remote from the final installation site and then be easily carried to it. They can be pre-assembled in smaller modules to allow moving into difficult to access areas.  Customer complaints are very infrequent and almost always result from the customer pre-assembling individual pockets and then trying to join them together rather than the required fully integrated method of assembly set out in the instructions.

All racking of the Borders concept must be rated as “assemble with care”.  Home assembly of racks larger than 72 pockets is not recommended.  A rubber mallet is required. Detailed assembly instructions are included in every kit and should be followed closely.  Customer complaints are almost always the result of their not taking the required degree of care when inserting the steel framework into the timber rails.   Racking is able to be assembled away from the final installation area.

Do wine racks require attaching to a wall?

Think of a wine rack as a book rack. The taller it is the more likely it is to be pushed or pulled over. While the chances of this actually happening may be small, when it does happen the most likely outcome is the rack will be able to be returned to its upright position and the books reloaded. ..... but with a wine rack????

For this reason almost any wine rack over 10 to 12 bottles tall should be secured to a vertical surface.  All racking sold by The Wine Rack Shop includes wall brackets as required for this purpose.