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CellarStak™. Designed and manufactured in Australia

The CellarStak™ system is Australia’s own modern, very versatile and easy to work with pocket style wine rack system for DIY building any configuration or size of winerack. The pockets feature a unique inbuilt interlocking capability that locks them all together regardless of rack configuration or size.

Every bottle is protected against bottle to bottle contact damage by being stored in its own individual pocket that has been designed to fully protect and support the bottle while it is being easily slid in or withdrawn.

CellarStaks™ “brick wall” like qualities have been engineered into the pockets with inbuilt interlocking that locks them all together regardless of rack configuration. This allows racks to be easily shaped to close contour around immoveable objects, to match stair slopes and to allow pockets to be left out of the layout to create storage and display areas. See Customising your Rack below.

The interlocking of the pockets gives you the option of assembling in the immediate area or remote from it. Very large racks can be assembled in full rack height modules and then integrated into the rack in-situ. The modules can be custom sized to suit difficult to access sites. Modules will be relatively light weight and can be carried without risk of them falling apart.

Dimensions Pockets are 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 24 cm long. Pockets will accept half to popular “champagne” size bottles. Available in Black, Silver-Grey or White. Precision moulded from strong, modern, engineering grade ABS polymer (a superior “plastic”) that allows assembly to a comfortable rack height of 40 pockets (4 metres). Wall Brackets are included with all deliveries. Delivery is mostly in compact, easy to manage packs of 50.

Customizing your CellarStak™ wine rack

CellarStaks unique interlocking pockets provide the versatility to easily incorporate an unmatched variety of custom options into your rack: 

Racks can be assembled in almost any configuration.

Racks can be close contoured to match stair slopes or avoid obstructions & fixtures

Pockets can be omitted to create storage, display & serving areas and to accommodate extra-large bottles.

Unsupported spans can be incorporated. (limits apply)

Double depth or double sided racking can be assembled. (special brackets required)

Dedicated hanging wine glass racks can be fitted.

4 x 6 wine cubes can be in-built. (omit 5 x 5 pockets to fit)

Inclined bottle rows can be fitted.